New Release of Mercuro IMS Client (4.0.1577)

The latest release of Mercuro IMS Client (Version 4.0.1577) is available for download at http://www.mercuro.net/.

This release comes with fixes and improvements. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

- Add support for SIP dialog forking for VoIP sessions.
- Add new 3 UI Theme Palettes
- Add "Privacy" headers in 180/183 responses.
- Fix SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY handling with "deactivated", "timeout" and "noresource" subscription state.
- Fix support for 64 bits platforms. No hack needed anymore to run Mercuro.
- Fix UI crashes when reconnecting with Microsoft Remote Desktop.
- Fix UI glitches with high-DPI fonts.

- Remove "rport" parameter from IPSec protected requests.

- Fix SigComp support for TCP so NACK are sent on unacknowledged states.

- Fix parsing of DHCP Option 120 with IP Addresses

Your feedback is welcomed (http://feedback.mercuro.net/)


Peter said...

Can anyone please explain me how the previous Subscribe/notify handling affected the functioning of the program? What is the enhancement exactly? Thanks.

Laurent Etiemble said...


Starting from this release, Mercuro correctly handles NOTIFY requests that uses a subscription state like "deactivated" or "noresource", which may trigger a subscription retry.

Anonymous said...

congratulations Laurent.

Best Regards


Peter said...

Thanks for the answer!
I've got one more question:
A client subscribes to a presentity.
Does it refresh the subscribe on timer expiration according to RFC 3265 (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3265#section-3.1.1)?

Laurent Etiemble said...

Yes, it does. Mercuro strictly follows the RFC and the 3GPP specifications on that point.

Note: Mercuro does the refresh a short time before the timer's expiration to avoid cross subscription/unsubscription.

Peter said...

Thanks again for the quick answer. I happen to be experimenting according to my question above setting the "expires" header in subscription response. For example if I set the value at 500, the re-subscribe attempt came after approx. 700 sec. I tried it several times, same result. How can it be?

Laurent Etiemble said...

@Peter: Can you send a full network trace to "tech dot mercuro at inexbee dot com" ? Thank you.

Peter said...


The trace is sent.