Mercuro now includes H.264 codec

Inexbee has become an offical H.264/AVC licensee, in order to provide the H.264/AVC codec to owner of the Mercuro IMS Client Silver Edition.

Mercuro IMS Client is supporting the Base Profile (Level 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0), in CIF and QCIF video sizes.

If you own one or more license of Mercuro IMS Client Silver Edition, please upgrade to enjoy high-quality video calls with H.264/AVC codec.

New Release of Mercuro IMS Client (4.0.1381)

The latest release of Mercuro IMS Client(Version 4.0.1381) is now available for download at http://www.mercuro.net/.
This release comes with a lot of fixes and improvements. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

- Add User-Agent header in SIP Responses
- Add NAT traversal in MSRP (RFC 4145)
- Add support for partial publication (RFC 5262, RFC 5264)
- Add support for MSRP Delivery Reports
- Add support for content indirection in SIP NOTIFY
- Allow arbitrary URLs in Refer-To headers
- Add support for group of contacts
- Add support for free-text publication
- Add support for homepage publication
- Add support for status icon publication
- Add support for symmetric OMA presence authorization
- Simplify the authorization management (Pres Rules)
- Use the OMA naming conventions for XDMS (Resource Lists, RLS, Pres Rules)
- Fix "Sign-In" menu to connect

- Add supports for OMA Final Delivery Reports
- Add support for message composition indication for instant messaging (RFC 3994)
- Add support for H.264 codec

- Add support for Conference Establishment using Request contained lists (RFC 5366)
- Add support for Event Package for Conference State (RFC 4575)
- Add support for Implicit Subscription using SIP REFER (RFC 4488)
- Add support for Session Timers in MSRP
- Add support for MSRP conference (one-to-many adhoc)
- Add support for extension from MSRP one-to-one chat to MSRP one-to-many adhoc
- Add support for message composition indication for instant messaging (RFC 3994)
- Add support for per-service publication

Your feedback is welcomed (http://feedback.mercuro.net/)