Windows 7 support

We had a lot of queries regarding the support of Windows 7 for the Mercuro IMS Client. Well, the first tests we have made are pretty encouraging. As far as we know, there is no issue in running Mercuro on Windows 7. Yes, that means that even the IPSec works, as long as you run Mercuro as an administrator. If you encounter an issue under Windows 7, please let us know.


Zhi said...

hi Mercuro team, apologize first for my irrelevant comment here. I've had a question commented in your post: http://imsclient.blogspot.com/2009/10/sms-over-3gpp-ims-network.html

could you spare a little time to reply. thank you!

monu said...

Please explain Mercuro Gold client dependencies on Windows XP for Running a IPSEC call over IPV4 and IPV6 ?

monu said...

I am trying to establish a IPSec call using Mercuro Gold client with OpenIMSCore. But no success. Please help. I am using IPV4 address.