New Release of Mercuro IMS Client (4.0.1489)

The latest release of Mercuro IMS Client(Version 4.0.1489) is now available for download at http://www.mercuro.net/.

This release comes with a lot of fixes and improvements. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

- Add support for UPDATE request in early state during an INVITE session
- Add support for Instant Message Disposition Notification (IMDN) as per RFC 5438
- Add ability to choose page mode type (SIP SIMPLE/MSRP Large Message Mode)
- Add ability to deactivate DirectSound API when sound is choppy
- Add ability to change protocol when SIP requests exceeds MTU or 1300 bytes
- Fix SDP rejection in in-dialog request during an INVITE session
- Fix a crash when using presence external document in NOTIFY
- Fix the early start of media during an outgoing INVITE session
- Update UI library to fix ToLogFont() crashes

- Add support for OMA emoticons
- Fix DNS resolving issues when a name returns both IPv4 and IPv6 records
- Fix DHCP issues when a domain returns both IPv4 and IPv6 records

- Add support for 3GPP SMS(RP-DATA)

Your feedback is welcomed (http://feedback.mercuro.net/)
Mecuro DataSheet: http://www.mercuro.net/downloads/DataSheet_Mercuro.pdf

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