Inexbee advances interoperability by participating in IMS PlugFest™ 6 event

Inexbee, the provider of Mercuro IMS Client, has participated to the 6th PlugFest event. The event was hold January 12-16, 2009, at the University of New Hampshire IMS Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL) in Durham, N.H.

Plugfest 6 has addressed the User-to network ‘Gm interface', the vital link between end-users and service providers. In addition, Plugfest 6 has expanded the success from previous interoperability events to include robustness, reliability and certification of key IMS SIP and Diameter interfaces as well as local and visited network services.

Mercuro IMS Client, as a User End-Point, was able to integrate seamlessly with cores from different vendors, in local or visited situation.

In addition to participating in the IMS Forum's Plugfests, Inexbee is conducting SIP and IMS interoperability testing with partners (Core provider, AS providers, etc) in order to improve the Mercuro IMS Client.

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